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Legislative Audit Division

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Welcome to the Legislative Audit Division. As legislators and administrators try increasingly to allocate public resources effectively and make government work more efficiently, the need for independent, objective, fact-based evaluations of the stewardship, performance and cost of government policies, programs and operations is essential.

It is the responsibility of the Legislative Audit Division to conduct financial and compliance, performance, and information system audits of state agencies or their programs, including the university system.

The highly qualified staff of the Legislative Audit Division provide vital information to stakeholders and the public through its audit reports. It is the mission of the office to conduct independent audits, and provide factual and objective information to the legislative and executive managers of the public trust, while providing useful recommendations that help legislators and others make informed decisions.

Angus Maciver
Legislative Auditor

Help eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in state government. Call the Fraud Hotline at:
1-800-222-4446 (Statewide) or 444-4446 (in Helena).


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