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The Montana Legislature website was developed using common web file types. To view all pages, your web browser software must support JavaScript, and you must have Adobe PDF viewer version 4 or higher. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer versions 4 and higher both support JavaScript. Use the links above to get free downloads.

Users with visual disabilities can access information in PDF files with Adobe's PDF to HTML Converter.

Montana Legislative Branch web pages are maintained by multiple staff members. On some pages, you will find an e-mail link to the person who maintains that page. Please use these to provide comments about specific web pages. For general communication with the Legislative Branch, see this page. Please send comments concerning legislation or political issues to your senator or representative.

If you experience technical problems with this site, please contact the Legislative Webmaster.

Help for Audio/Video problems

If you need assistance using LAWS (Legislative Automated Workflow System) to track legislation and follow session activities, see the LAWS Help page.


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