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2017 Regular Session

Legislative Summary

Download the Summary of Legislation for the 2017 Session

This document provides a summary of legislation passed and approved during the 2017session of the Montana Legislature. It is organized by subject, and some legislation appears in more than one subject area, as many pieces of legislation can incorporate a range of subjects. The summary does not include the budget provisions of House Bill 2. A House Bill No. 2 narrative and information on the state's budget are available HERE.

Session Calendar

The 2017 session calendar is available. Please note that it is subject to change.


Bill Information

LAWS - A database (Legislative Automated Workflow System) containing bill draft requests, status and text of bills, votes, journals, minutes, hearing and floor schedules, and agendas.

Committee Hearings

Committee Assignments

Legislator Information

Bill Drafting

Bill Drafting - Information related to drafting bills, including the latest manual, macros, and templates.

Media Information

Caucus & Legislator Orientation

Housing Rental Forms

Legislative Session Employment Opportunities

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