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Districting and Apportionment Commission Maps

Final Legislative Redistricting Plan

See the maps of districts as adopted by the commission on February 12, 2013

Tentative Commission Plan

At its August 13-17, 2012, meeting, the commission tentatively adopted a plan for 100 state House districts. The Tenative Commission Plan, as it was called, was further revised on October 25th. Senate districts were created on November 30. Additional amendments were made on December 6. The final plan was adopted on February 12, 2013.

Senate Draft Pairings

After its November 15, 2012, public hearing, pairs of commissioners submitted proposals for how they would pair House districts to form Senate districts. They also proposed assignments of holdover senators to districts for the final 2 years of their terms.

***Tips on understanding the Senate district pairings:

  • Black stars in proposal maps refer to where holdover senators live.
  • Red labels in the proposal maps are the proposed Senate district numbers, with the name of any holdover senators that would be assigned to that district. If no name appears, the district would hold an election in 2014 for a senator.
  • Blue labels in the proposal maps refer to the state House districts from the Tentative Commission Plan that compose the Senate districts.


House Draft Plans

At its July 2011 meeting, the commission directed staff to several draft plans using themes outlined by the commission. Each resulting plan is named according to the theme. A fifth plan was offered at the February 17, 2012, meeting by Commissioners Joe Lamson and Pat Smith.

Click on a theme to view the draft plans and additional reports.

Plans drafted by Legislative services Staff at the request of the commission

  • Urban Rural: emphasize clear lines between population centers and rural areas
  • Existing: use the existing legislative district lines as a starting point for new lines
  • Deviation: emphasize the criterion on relative population equality between the districts
  • Subdivision: attempt to keep political subdivisions intact when possible

Plan offered by Commissioners Lamson and Smith

  • Communities: integrates Montana communities of interest within multiple criteria

Plan offered by commissioners Bennion and Vaughey

By the Numbers Reports

The By the Numbers report series combines maps and numbers into one document to help the public discover how the current proposed House draft plans will affect their county.

Draft Maps Submitted by the Public

2011 District Information


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