Constituent Services Account

Constituent Services Funding – 2019 Session

HB 106, as amended, would make the primary amount of the legislator constituent services allowance into a reimbursement for all expenses and does not limit the amount a legislator may spend on information technology and communications, within the $3,000 allowance. This simplifies the plan to be an entirely accountable plan for tax purposes and will allow only items that are required to be taxed (laptops, cell phones, postage, meals without an overnight stay) to be taxed, and leave the remainder of the amount for nontaxed reimbursements of legislator expenses. This simplifies the record-keeping as Legislative Services will maintain all the records and receipts.

The reason we tax the IT part is that we have no way of knowing what percentage will be used for personal use and what for business use. Because it will be taxed, you may be able to deduct the business expenses when you file taxes.

HB 106 and HB 174 are still going through the legislature, we do not know the final form of this allowance. In the current form or under HB 106 or HB 174, an IT allowance is consistent and we will accept reimbursement submissions for IT purchases up to $1,000, which will be taxable. Depending on which legislation passes, we will administer the remainder of the allowance according to the law that passes or revert to the former system with some additional options to assist legislators.

Please download, complete, and submit the IT Allowance Form and receipts to Room 154 of the Capitol.

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