Montana State Legislature

Hiring Paperwork for New Legislators

Congratulations New Legislators

Now that you're ready to begin the important work as a Montana Legislator, it's time to do the official hiring. This means paperwork!


Open the documents and fill them out (most can be filled out by typing on your computer).

Print the documents, make sure all fields are complete, and sign them.

You can drop them off at the FHRO Office in Room 154.


Mail them to:

Lesley Farry, Human Resource Specialist
PO Box 201706
Helena MT 59620-1706


Scan them and send them through State of Montana File transfer system (secure) at

Do not email sensitive information. If you wish to submit the forms electronically, you must use the State of Montana File Transfer System.

How to Use the File Transfer System

Any questions regarding these forms can be directed to:

Lesley Farry, Human Resource Specialist

The Forms.

 All the forms are in PDF format and will open in a new window. To avoid losing information on a fillable form, download and save to your hard drive, and then fill out.

Please Note:

Direct Deposit: The form must have a cancelled check attached or can be scanned and sent.

Insurance: The State of Montana Health Care and Benefits Division (HCBD) will send information to each new hire for health insurance options. If you have questions on the options presented, contact HCBD at

PERA: “Public Employee Retirement Administration”  Whether you elect to join or not to join, you must complete the electronic form which will be emailed to you after you are hired from Please watch for this important email!

For more retirment information, please contact PERA directly: 

Joel Thompson |  Education Specialist

Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration


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