Montana State Legislature

Agency: Department of Agriculture

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The Department of Agriculture, required by Article XII, Section 1, of the Montana Constitution, was established to encourage and promote the interests of agricultural and allied industries in Montana. To this end, the department:

  • Strengthens and diversifies the Montana agriculture industry through private-public partnerships for the betterment of agricultural industries of the state, improvement of rural life, and promotion of equality of opportunity for the farmers of the state
  • Collects and publishes agricultural production and statistics relating to agricultural production and products
  • Assists, encourages, and promotes the organization of farmers’ institutes, agricultural societies, fairs, and other exhibitions of agriculture
  • Adopts standards for grade and other classifications of farm products
  • Coordinates the planning and maintenance of economical and efficient marketing distribution systems
  • Gathers, distributes, and markets information concerning domestic and international trade of farm products
  • Regulates production and marketing of food and fiber products
  • Registers and licenses pesticides and fertilizers, and enforces laws pertaining to them
  • Works to prevent the spread of invasive species and noxious weeds that may negatively impact the industry

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