Montana State Legislature

Other Fiscal Policy Reports

Interactive Data (Demographics slides 9 & 10)

Montana’s Changing Demographics

  •   Powerpoint - Demographic Changes & Potential Impacts

Montana Individual Income Demographics - Summary of how individual income has changed over the pasts decade and how income types differ by age

Persistent Economic & Workforce Trends in Montana - Department of Labor & Industry report

Population Aging and State Taxes - presentation by Don Boyd, Co-Director State and Local Government Finance Project, Center for Policy Research

Interactive Data (State and local combined: slides 1, 2, 5, 6; state only: slides 4 & 8)

Historical Analysis of Montana Revenues

Property Tax Revenues in Montana

Natural Resources Revenues

Federal Revenues in Montana

Property Tax Revenues in Montana (An introduction to the trends and comparisons of property taxes presented to the Financial Modernization and Risk Analysis Study committee - January 2020)

School Funding and Property Taxes – Basics & Background

School Property Tax Report

  •   Powerpoint - School Property Taxes in Montana

Market Value vs. Property Taxes Paid in Montana

Growth Rates of State and Local Property Tax Collections

School Mills Interactive Map

Property Taxes in Montana (A storymap showing how property taxes are calculated and distributed)

An Overview of Montana Taxes - presented during Legislative Week 2020 by MSU Professor Emeritus Doug Young

Rising Property Taxes: What You Should Know - presented during Legislative Week 2020 by MSU Professor Emeritus Doug Young

State Property Tax Authority & Limits - HJ 35 Tax Study Committee - Megan Moore, LSD

Property Tax History - HJ 35 Tax Study Committee - Megan Moore, LSD


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