The Legislative Fiscal Division staff assignments are listed below.
Each staff member's phone number and e-mail are included.
If you require additional information, please contact the
Fiscal Division main office at:

(406) 444-2986
(406) 444-3036

Fiscal Analyst Legislative Fiscal Division Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson
Legislative Fiscal Analyst & Director

Quinn Holzer

Quinn Holzer
Operations Manager

Manages staff for Department of Health and Human Services, Natural Resources, and Judicial Branch, Public Safety, and Corrections

Rm. 115 | 406.444.5385
Joe Triem

Joe Triem
Fiscal Manager

Manages staff for General Government, Education and Cultural,Department of Transportation,
and Long Range

Rm. 113 | 406.444.5834
Susie Lindsay

Susie Lindsay
Communications Supervisor

Communications, General Fund Status Sheet, and Statewide Analysis, Manages staff for communications and data analytics

Rm. 119 | 406.444.4121

LFD Staff and Contact Information

Jon Arnold
Fiscal Analyst I

Department of Public Health & Human Services

Room 110 P

Katie Church
Data Analyst II

Statewide data analytics, database design, and interactive data products

Room 110 F

Cathy Duncan
Senior Fiscal Analyst

Long Range Planning and Department of Transportation 

Room 117

Karen Gilbert
Web Communications & Technical Specialist

Webpage management, publication development and design, communications, Legislative Finance Committee secretary

Room 110

Katie Guenther
Fiscal Analyst II

Department of Administration, Department of Commerce, Legislative Branch, Governor's Office, and Consumer Counsel

Room 132

Alice Hecht
Fiscal Analyst II

Expenditure Analysis:  Board of Public Ed, School for the Deaf and Blind, and Office of Public Instruction

Revenue & Tax Analysis: Insurance Tax Revenue and Consumption Tax Revenue

Room 110 N

Walker Hopkins
Data Analyst I

Statewide data analytics, Internet Budget and Reporting System (IBARS), caseload & population modeling

Expenditure Analysis:  Department of Corrections

Room 110 O

Marci Lewandowski
Fiscal Analyst

Room 110 H

Rob Miller
Fiscal Analyst II

Dept. of Environmental Quality, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Livestock, Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation

Room 118

Stephanie Morrison
Lead Fiscal Analyst

Lead Revenue Analyst: Individual Income Tax
Expenditure analysis: Department of Revenue

Room 120

Julia Platt
Fiscal Analyst I

Department of Labor & Industry, Department of Military Affairs, Secretary of State, State Auditor, and Commissioner of Political Practices

Room 110 I

Josh Poulette
Fiscal Analyst II

Department of Health and Human Services - Medicaid

Room 110 G

Sam Schaefer
Senior Fiscal Analyst

Revenue & Tax Analysis:  Corporation Tax Revenues, Energy Tax Revenues, Gambling Tax Revenues, Interest Earnings Revenues, Motor Vehicle Tax Revenue, and Natural Resource Tax Revenue

Room 131

Nick VanBrown
Lead Fiscal Analyst

Lead Analyst for the Internet Budget and Reporting System (IBARS)
Expenditure Analysis:  Office of Public Instruction
Revenue & Tax Analysis:  Property Tax Revenues

Room 130

Kris Wilkinson
Lead Fiscal Analyst

Lead Expenditure Analyst
Expenditure Analysis:  Judicial Branch, Department of Justice, Office of Public Defender, Public Service Commission

Room 114