The legislative interim committee that focuses on industry ranging from agriculture to insurance elected Rep. Sharon Stewart Peregoy as its presiding officer and Rep. Vince Ricci as vice presiding officer at its initial meeting June 6. Two committee members, Rep. Josh Kassmier and Rep. Derek Harvey, were named as liaisons to Montana State Fund, while Sen. Frank Smith and Rep. Kassmier were chosen as liaisons to the Rail Service Competition Council, which holds its last meeting June 20.

Among other organizational activities, committee members proposed topics for the 2019-2020 work plan, which will be adopted at its next meeting in September. Legislative Council, which consists of leadership for the House and Senate, has assigned three studies to the 10-member Economic Affairs Interim Committee (EAIC): HJ 29 on meat inspection regulations, SJ 18 on professional and occupational licensing related to those with criminal convictions, and SJ 24 regarding distribution of the lodging facility use tax to tourism and other projects.

EAIC members include: Rep. Stewart Peregoy (D-Crow Agency), Rep. Ricci (R-Laurel), Rep. Harvey (D-Butte), Rep. Kassmier (R-Fort Benton), Rep. Mark Noland (R-Bigfork), Rep. Katie Sullivan (D-Missoula, Sen. Jason Ellsworth (R-Hamilton), Sen. Nate McConnell (D-Missoula), Sen. Frank Smith (D-Poplar), and Sen. Gordon Vance (R-Belgrade).

Committee website:
Committee staff: Pat Murdo,, or 406-444-3594

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