At the May 29, 2019 Council meeting, staff proposed changes to the Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines for Interim Committee:  Voting procedures by chamber were suggested for the interim committees that received additional House appointments, appointment of subcommittee presiding officers and subcommittee members to include consultation with the vice presiding officers, and for who is eligible to carry interim committee legislation.  This document will be used by each interim committee to adopt their operating procedures for the interim.

The main agenda item for the Council's May 29, 2019 meeting was the assignment of the interim study resolutions to the interim committees.  There were 27 successful interim study resolutions that were ranked by the members in a poll conducted post-session.   The Legislative Council approved sending all the studies to the interim committees for their consideration and decision on how much time to spend on each study.  The Overview and Rankings and the Rankings by Interim Committee are posted to the Legislative Council Website.

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