The Local Government Interim Committee will meet for a two day meeting November 12 & 13 in Room 137 of the State Capitol to discuss various topics and hear from stakeholder panels. 

Beginning at 1 pm on November 12, the MSU Local Government Center will respond to questions posed at the last meeting, the Department of Commerce will explain Opportunity Zones, and the committee will end the day with a panel discussion on regional fire authorities, a topic researched during the previous interim. The panel will focus primarily on SB 17, a bill requested by the Local Government Interim Committee for the 2019 session that died on the Senate Floor. The committee would like to revisit the topic to see if an agreement can be reached related to the assessment of timber lands in a proposed fire authority. 

On Wednesday the 13th at 8 am, the committee will learn about the pension system's impact on local government finances and continue to explore the Entitlement Share program, focusing primarily on the philisophical origins of the program and events that have tested the trust between local governments and the state. Lastly, the committee will further its study of on-site wastewater treatment systems. A panel of local sanitarians and environmental health officers will discuss regional issues related to system design, installation, and maintenance while also discussing the challenges that old and failing systems pose in their respective areas.

Members of the LGIC include Representatives Mary Ann Dunwell (D-Helena); Lola Sheldon-Galloway (R-Great Falls); Dave Fern (D-Whitefish); Tyson Runningwolf (D-Browning); Peggy Webb (R-Billings); and Vice Chair Geraldine Custer (R-Forsyth). Sentate members include Jason Ellsworth (R-Hamilton); John Esp (R-Big Timber); Chair Margaret MacDonald (D-Billings); and Sue Malek (D-Missoula).

An agenda and meeting materials can be found on the committee website. Public comment is encouraged and will be taken during both days of the meeting. For more information, see the committee website or contact committee staff.

The meeting will be streamed live at http:\\ and will be broadcast over the Montana Public Affairs Network (MPAN).

Committee website:
Committee staff: Toni Henneman, 406-444-3593,


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