The Economic Affairs Committee of the Legislature will hear from various telecommunications providers Jan. 15 as the legislators consider how best to create incentives to improve access and affordability for broadband in Montana.

Meeting during Legislative Week, the Economic Affairs Interim Committee will hear from broadband providers and tax analysts regarding the merits of reintroducing a tax abatement proposal from the 2019 session. That proposal, SB 239, would have given certain fiber optic and coaxial cable providers a 5-year tax exemption, with savings intended to be reinvested in more broadband expansion in Montana..The bill passed both houses but was vetoed, based in part on concerns about impacts from the exemption.

The meeting will start at 1:15 p.m. Jan. 15 in Room 137 of the State Capitol. Other items on the agenda include updates on rules for agencies monitored by the committee. Opportunities will be provided for public comment.

Live-streaming of the meeting will be available from the legislative website. The Montana Public Affairs Network (MPAN) also may broadcast the meeting at a later time. 

For more information about the meeting, including a full agenda, visit the committee website or contact committee staff, Pat Murdo.

Committee website:
Committee staff: Pat Murdo,, 406-444-3594

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