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Welcome to The Interim Online Journal

Committee: Executive Director Updates
Author: Susan Byorth Fox
Posted on June 1, 2017

Welcome to The Interim online journal

Welcome to the 2017-18 Interim, and the new, streamlined Interim newsletter. We have converted the newsletter into an online journal. While the look and feel of the journal might be different, the same solid and thoughtful content is provided.

The Interim will include regular updates on all interim and statutory committee activities. The new format allows updates to be more timely and consistent over the next 16 months. Committee staffers will use the journal to provide not only meeting previews and agendas but also meeting overviews and wrap-ups, so you will see regular posts both before and after committee meetings. Those posts will be provided by each committee staffer. Staffers can also use the journal to communicate requests for public comment on committee work and to provide additional outreach to legislators and the public.

A calendar that will be regularly updated to reflect all interim and statutory committee meetings is provided on the right-hand side of the homepage of the journal to allow for a quick look, month by month, at upcoming and past committee meetings. The link to “Updates from the Executive Director” will include information important to legislators and the public concerning the institution and legislative matters.

Each month, the Legislative Communications Department will send out an email link to the journal as a reminder to check for updates. To receive the updates, use the link provided here to sign up for electronic notifications and check “Interim Newsletter”. On the first of the month, you will receive a link to the journal and calendar. All legislator email addresses have been added to the database to receive the email updates. If you wish to unsubscribe, follow the directions provided in the emailed update.

As always, contact me at any time with questions. We hope you find the journal to be a useful tool to communicate legislative activities and to participate in the legislative process.

Susan Byorth Fox