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We are a Source of Information and Assistance for All Legislators

Committee: Executive Director Updates
Author: Susan Byorth Fox
Posted on July 20, 2017

Interim Services available to Legislators

Your Montana Legislative Services Division serves as a source of information and assistance 365-days a year to all 150 members of the Legislature.

The Legislative Council encouraged us to reach out to you and to let you know that even if you are not on an interim committee, we are here to support you. To that end, we have developed a flyer outlining the numerous services available to legislators. You can download the flyer here.  We encourage you to take a look and take advantage of our expertise. We serve as your impartial and nonpolitical source of policy information.

Services we provide include:

  • Answering questions and providing research and information to all 150 members of the Legislature
  • Publishing the Interim Journal and providing public notices and news releases
  • Staffing interim and administrative committees

If you need assistance or research, please call – any time. You can always reach out to me at 444-3066, You also can contact Sonja Nowakowski, Research Director, 444-3078, or Joe Kolman, Legislative Environmental Analyst, 444-3747, . We will get you to the right staff to provide you with the up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information you are seeking.