Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Dissemination of Laws and Proceedings

Clearinghouse For Reports To Legislature

5-11-210. Clearinghouse for reports to legislature. (1) An entity required to report to the legislature in accordance with 5-11-222 shall provide to the executive director of the legislative services division:

(a) the final title of the report;

(b) an abstract or description of the contents of the report, not to exceed 50 words, including reference to the statute establishing the required report;

(c) if the report is available electronically, its location on the internet and an electronic copy of the report; and

(d) unless provided electronically in accordance with subsection (1)(c), a paper copy of the report with a recommendation on how many additional hard copies should be printed for the legislature.

(2) The legislative services division may require that a paper copy of a report provided in accordance with subsection (1)(d) be submitted in an electronic format.

(3) Costs of preparing and distributing a report to the legislature, including writing, printing, postage, distribution, and all other costs, accrue to the reporting agency. Costs incurred in meeting the requirements of this section may not accrue to the legislative services division.

(4) The executive director of the legislative services division shall prepare a list of all reports required to be presented to the legislature in accordance with 5-11-222.

(5) (a) The executive director shall, as soon as possible following a general election, provide to each holdover senator, senator-elect, and representative-elect a list of the reports available. Legislators may then request copies of reports included on the list.

(b) The executive director of the legislative services division shall provide either paper copies or electronic copies of reports requested pursuant to subsection (5)(a) by either providing links to electronic copies or by delivering paper copies of the reports during the first week of the legislative session.

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