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Montana Legislative Branch

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Upcoming Meetings
Administrative Meetings

Legislative Finance Committee
Room 102 | Dec 03 Mon 8:00 AM

Legislative Consumer Committee
Room 422 | Dec 06 Thu 10:00 AM

Interim Meetings

Revenue and Transportation Committee
Room 137 | Nov 19 Mon 10:00 AM

Other Meetings

State Land Board
Room 303 | Nov 19 Mon 9:00 AM

Workforce Innovation Board
Room 317 | Nov 29 Thu 12:30 PM

Joint Rules (No Live Stream Available)
Room 317 | Dec 04 Tue 8:30 AM

House Rules (No Live Stream Available)
Room 172 | Dec 04 Tue 10:30 AM

Senate Rules (No Live Stream Available)
Room 317A | Dec 04 Tue 10:30 AM

Montana Arts Council
Room 303 | Dec 07 Fri 12:00 PM

State Land Board
Room 303 | Dec 17 Mon 9:00 AM

Sage Grouse Oversight Team
Room 172 | Dec 18 Tue 11:00 AM

If you are experiencing audio or video difficulties,
please Email Us or call 406.444.0912.

A Guide to Using the Archives

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Getting Involved with Your Legislature


The Legislature is the branch of state government responsible for making the laws needed to maintain public order and ensure the basic security of the state. The legislature is popularly elected and citizen's are encouraged to become involved. The Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Montana ensure every citizen the right to speak on every public issue and to be heard by officials at every level of government. The Montana Legislature extends that right to any bill (which includes any resolution).


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