Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-12-2105. Notice of resolution of intention to create district -- hearing. (1) Upon having passed the resolution of intention pursuant to 7-12-2103, the board of county commissioners shall publish notice of the passage of the resolution of intention as provided in 7-1-2121.
     (2) A copy of the notice must be mailed, as provided in 7-1-2122, to each person, firm, or corporation or the agent of the person, firm, or corporation owning real property within the proposed district listed in the owner's name upon the last-completed assessment roll for state, county, and school district taxes.
     (3) (a) The notice must describe the general character of the improvement or improvements proposed to be made or acquired by purchase, state the estimated cost of the improvements, describe generally the method or methods by which the costs of the improvements will be assessed, and designate the time when and the place where the board will hear and pass upon all protests that may be made against the making or maintenance of the improvements or the creation of the district.
     (b) If the revolving fund is to be pledged to secure the payment of bonds and warrants, the notice must include a statement that, subject to the limitations in 7-12-2182:
     (i) the county general fund may be used to provide loans to the revolving fund; or
     (ii) a general tax levy may be imposed on all taxable property in the county to meet the financial requirements of the revolving fund.
     (c) The notice must refer to the resolution on file in the office of the county clerk for the description of the boundaries. If the proposal is for the purchase of an existing improvement, the notice must state the exact purchase price of the existing improvement.

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