Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 21. Rural Improvement Districts

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7-12-2101. Definitions.
7-12-2102. Authorization to create rural improvement districts.
7-12-2103. Resolution of intention to create rural improvement district.
7-12-2104. Sufficiency of description in resolution of intention.
7-12-2105. Notice of resolution of intention to create district -- hearing.
7-12-2106. General provisions related to notice.
7-12-2107. Responsibility for posting and publication of notice.
7-12-2108. Extension of proposed district.
7-12-2109. Right to protest creation or extension of district.
7-12-2110. Who considered owner.
7-12-2111. Hearing on protest.
7-12-2112. Sufficient protest to bar proceedings -- exception.
7-12-2113. Resolution creating district -- power to order improvements.
7-12-2114. Area includable within district.
7-12-2115. Adjournment of hearing.
7-12-2116. County surveyor as improvement district engineer.
7-12-2117. Record of expenses to be kept by engineer.
7-12-2118. Role of county clerk.
7-12-2119. Manner of making demands for incidental expenses.
7-12-2120. Maintenance of improvements.
7-12-2121. Administration of multicounty district.
7-12-2122. Term of office of multicounty district trustee.
7-12-2123. Powers of multicounty district board of trustees.
7-12-2124. and 7-12-2125 reserved.
7-12-2126. Transfer of management and control of district to city or town.
7-12-2127. Transfer of operation, control, and ownership of improvement district facilities to a utility.
7-12-2128. through 7-12-2130 reserved.
7-12-2131. Bids for district work -- exception.
7-12-2132. Advertising for bids.
7-12-2133. Competitive bidding not required for purchase of existing improvement.
7-12-2134. Opening of bids.
7-12-2135. Decision on award of contract.
7-12-2136. Procedure if all bids rejected or no bids received.
7-12-2137. Procedure for dealing with bid securities.
7-12-2138. Contractor's bond for successful completion of work.
7-12-2139. Procedure if person entering contract defaults on work.
7-12-2140. Procedure for objection to proceedings.
7-12-2141. through 7-12-2150 reserved.
7-12-2151. Assessment of costs.
7-12-2152. Exception for owners of water ditches under certain circumstances.
7-12-2153. Incidental expenses considered as cost of improvements -- costs for bonds or warrants secured by revolving fund -- district reserve account.
7-12-2154. Payment of damages incurred as a result of improvements.
7-12-2155. Apportionment of costs between corner lots and inside lots.
7-12-2156. Responsibility for costs for improvements close to street railway.
7-12-2157. Status of federal property within improvement district.
7-12-2158. Resolution for levy and assessment of tax.
7-12-2159. Notice of resolution for levy and assessment of tax -- protest and hearing.
7-12-2160. Hearing on protest.
7-12-2161. Payment of maintenance costs -- resolution for assessment and for change of boundaries.
7-12-2162. Improvement district maintenance fund.
7-12-2163. Collection of district assessments by county treasurer -- delinquencies.
7-12-2164. Payment of tax under protest -- action to recover.
7-12-2165. Procedure to correct assessment and relevy and collect tax.
7-12-2166. Certain errors not to invalidate assessments or liens.
7-12-2167. Term of payment of assessments.
7-12-2168. Assessments and certain other charges as liens.
7-12-2169. Use of bonds and warrants.
7-12-2170. Repealed.
7-12-2171. Details relating to rural improvement district bonds and warrants -- definitions of bond forms.
7-12-2172. Procedure to issue bonds and warrants.
7-12-2173. Disposition of bond or warrant proceeds.
7-12-2174. Redemption of bonds and warrants.
7-12-2175. Investment of maintenance, interest, and sinking fund money.
7-12-2176. Interest rate on unpaid assessments.
7-12-2177. through 7-12-2180 reserved.
7-12-2181. Creation of rural improvement district revolving fund.
7-12-2182. Sources of money for revolving fund.
7-12-2183. Loan from revolving fund to meet payments on bonds and warrants or to make emergency repairs.
7-12-2184. Lien arising due to loan from revolving fund.
7-12-2185. Covenants to use revolving fund -- duration of revolving fund obligation -- factors to be considered.
7-12-2186. Utilization of excess money in revolving fund.
7-12-2187. through 7-12-2190 reserved.
7-12-2191. Change in outstanding principal of district -- relevy of assessments.
7-12-2192. Pooling of bonds of districts in county.
7-12-2193. Refunding bonds.
7-12-2194. and 7-12-2195 reserved.
7-12-2196. Water user entities exempt from special assessments.