Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-12-4165. Assessment of costs -- offstreet parking option. (1) When the purpose of the assessment is for the establishment and/or improvement of offstreet parking as provided in this section, the city council or commission shall assess, against the real property specifically benefited by the offstreet parking facilities, the cost of the developments involved in proportion to the benefits received by each benefited tract of land within said district.
     (2) In determining the benefit to be received by each parcel of land, the council or commission shall consider:
     (a) the relative distance of the parking facility from each parcel of land within the area of the special improvement district;
     (b) the relative needs of parking spaces for each parcel of land located within the boundaries of said district, either as established by the city zoning ordinance, if any, or otherwise, with relation to the use of said parcel;
     (c) the assessed value of each parcel within said district;
     (d) the square footage of each parcel within said district as it relates to the whole;
     (e) the square footage of floorspace in any improvements on the parcel and the various uses of such floorspace;
     (f) the availability of existing onsite parking space on any parcel of land within the district.

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