Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 41. Special Improvement Districts

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7-12-4101. Definitions.
7-12-4102. Authorization for creation of special improvement districts.
7-12-4103. Formation of district to defray cost of acquiring private property.
7-12-4104. Resolution of intention to create special improvement district.
7-12-4105. Reference to description in resolution of intention sufficient.
7-12-4106. Notice of passage of resolution of intention.
7-12-4107. General provisions related to notice.
7-12-4108. Responsibility for posting and publication of notice.
7-12-4109. Extension of proposed district.
7-12-4110. Protest against proposed work or district.
7-12-4111. Who considered owner.
7-12-4112. Hearing on protest.
7-12-4113. Sufficient protest to bar proceedings -- exceptions.
7-12-4114. Resolution creating special improvement district.
7-12-4115. Statement of allocation of assessments to improvements, repairs, and maintenance.
7-12-4116. Designation of nature of improvement district.
7-12-4117. Combination of several improvements in one resolution.
7-12-4118. Adjournment of hearings.
7-12-4119. Appointment of person to serve as city engineer.
7-12-4120. Provision for municipalities not having mayor.
7-12-4121. Record of expenses to be kept by city engineer.
7-12-4122. Role of city clerk.
7-12-4123. Manner of making demands for incidental expenses.
7-12-4124. Water user entities exempt from special assessments.
7-12-4125. through 7-12-4129 reserved.
7-12-4130. Transfer of operation, control, and ownership of improvement district facilities to a utility.
7-12-4131. Modification of trafficways and courts for special improvement districts.
7-12-4132. Power to require underground placement of utilities within district.
7-12-4133. Power to require certain utility connections.
7-12-4134. Special provision for paving street in which car tracks are located.
7-12-4135. Responsibility for repairs due to operation of street railway.
7-12-4136. Maintenance of improvements.
7-12-4137. through 7-12-4140 reserved.
7-12-4141. Bid for work -- exception.
7-12-4142. Opening of bids.
7-12-4143. Decision on award of contract.
7-12-4144. Procedure if all bids rejected or no bids received.
7-12-4145. Procedure for dealing with bid securities.
7-12-4146. Retroactive application of bid procedures.
7-12-4147. Procedure for property owners to do improvement work.
7-12-4148. Contract with successful bidder.
7-12-4149. Procedure if successful bidder does not enter into contract.
7-12-4150. Effect of failure to enter contract.
7-12-4151. Contractor's bond for successful completion of work.
7-12-4152. Procedure if person entering contract defaults on work.
7-12-4153. Purchase of existing improvement.
7-12-4154. through 7-12-4160 reserved.
7-12-4161. Choice in manner of assessing costs.
7-12-4162. Assessment of costs -- area option -- assessed valuation option -- equal amount option.
7-12-4163. Assessment of costs -- frontage option.
7-12-4164. Assessment of costs -- utility service connections -- option.
7-12-4165. Assessment of costs -- offstreet parking option.
7-12-4166. Land fronting excepted work not subject to assessment.
7-12-4167. Provision for grading street by owner of abutting property.
7-12-4168. Provision for work other than grading done by owner of property.
7-12-4169. Incidental expenses considered as cost of improvements -- costs for bonds or warrants secured by revolving fund -- district reserve account.
7-12-4170. Payment of damages incurred as a result of improvements.
7-12-4171. Treatment of corner lots for purposes of assessment.
7-12-4172. Allocation of costs of nonfrontage sides.
7-12-4173. Status of federal property within improvement district.
7-12-4174. Inclusion and assessment of unplatted, undedicated, or unsurveyed land in improvement district.
7-12-4175. Offstreet parking option -- ordinance setting forth method of assessment required -- hearing.
7-12-4176. Resolution for tax levy upon district property.
7-12-4177. Notice of resolution for tax levy -- protest and hearing.
7-12-4178. Hearing on resolution for tax levy.
7-12-4179. Payment of maintenance costs -- resolution for assessment.
7-12-4180. Improvement district maintenance fund.
7-12-4181. Collection of district assessments by county clerk -- certification.
7-12-4182. Collection of district assessments by city treasurer in cities collecting their own taxes -- delinquencies.
7-12-4183. Collection of district assessments by city treasurer in cities where county collects taxes.
7-12-4184. Reinstatement of delinquent assessment.
7-12-4185. Payment of tax under protest -- action to recover.
7-12-4186. Procedure to correct assessment and relevy and collect tax.
7-12-4187. Certain errors not to invalidate assessments and liens.
7-12-4188. Due date for district assessments.
7-12-4189. Simple interest on assessments.
7-12-4190. Payment of assessments in installments.
7-12-4191. Assessments and certain other charges as liens.
7-12-4192. Change in outstanding principal of district -- relevy of assessments.
7-12-4193. Pooling of bonds of districts in city.
7-12-4194. Refunding bonds.