Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-12-4301. Special improvement districts for lighting streets authorized. (1) The council of any city or town is authorized to:
     (a) create special improvement districts embracing any street or streets or public highway therein or portions thereof and property adjacent thereto or property which may be declared by said council to be benefited by the improvement to be made for the purpose of lighting such street or streets or public highway;
     (b) require that all or any portion of the cost of installing and maintaining such lighting system be paid by the owners of the property embraced within the boundaries of such districts; and
     (c) assess and collect such portion of such cost by special assessment against said property.
     (2) The governing body may create special lighting districts on any street or streets or public highway for the purpose of lighting them and assess the costs for installation and maintenance to property abutting thereto and collect the costs by special assessment against the property.

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