Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 43. Special Provisions for Special Improvement Lighting Districts

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7-12-4301. Special improvement districts for lighting streets authorized.
7-12-4302. Resolution of intention to create special improvement lighting district.
7-12-4303. Notice of resolution of intent to create lighting district.
7-12-4304. Protest against creation of lighting district.
7-12-4305. Consideration of protest.
7-12-4306. Resolution to create lighting district.
7-12-4307. Objections to irregular proceedings or manner of making improvements.
7-12-4308. Operation of district.
7-12-4309. Record of expenses to be kept by city engineer.
7-12-4310. Role of city clerk.
7-12-4311. Termination of special improvement lighting district.
7-12-4312. through 7-12-4320 reserved.
7-12-4321. Apportionment of costs.
7-12-4322. Choice in manner of making assessments.
7-12-4323. Assessment of costs -- area or taxable valuation option.
7-12-4324. Assessment of costs -- frontage option.
7-12-4325. Incidental expenses considered as costs of improvements.
7-12-4326. Treatment of federal lands within lighting district.
7-12-4327. Assessment of costs of lighting district to certain lands lying outside of municipality.
7-12-4328. Resolution to provide for assessment of costs of installation.
7-12-4329. Notice of resolution for assessment of installation costs -- hearing on resolution.
7-12-4330. Hearing on resolution for assessment of installation costs.
7-12-4331. Lighting district fund established.
7-12-4332. Resolution to provide for assessment of maintenance costs.
7-12-4333. Procedure for resolution for assessment of maintenance costs.
7-12-4334. Lighting district maintenance fund.
7-12-4335. Change of boundaries of maintenance district.
7-12-4336. Effect of mistake as to property ownership.
7-12-4337. Incorporation of procedures to correct errors and omissions.
7-12-4338. Assessments to have effect of lien.
7-12-4339. and 7-12-4340 reserved.
7-12-4341. Financing of lighting district improvements.
7-12-4342. Details relating to lighting district bonds and warrants.
7-12-4343. and 7-12-4344 reserved.
7-12-4345. Water user entities exempt from special assessments.
7-12-4346. through 7-12-4350 reserved.
7-12-4351. Major modification of existing lighting district.
7-12-4352. Jurisdiction to modify lighting district.
7-12-4353. Objections to irregular proceedings or manner of making a modification.
7-12-4354. Minor modifications exempt.