Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-2-2219. Conduct of election. (1) (a) The board issuing the proclamation and notice of election pursuant to 7-2-2215 shall cause the county election administrator to furnish to the election judges of each precinct in the proposed new county all election supplies and equipment necessary to conduct the election and which are not specifically directed to be furnished by the election administrator of another county or counties.
     (b) The election administrator of each county from which territory is taken for the proposed new county shall, not less than 5 days before the date of the election, furnish for each precinct within the proposed new county a precinct register for the precincts of the proposed new county which are within their respective counties.
     (2) The elections provided for in 7-2-2215 shall be governed and controlled by the general election laws of the state, so far as the same are applicable and except as otherwise provided herein. The provisions of the election laws relating to preparation, printing, and distribution of sample ballots, except the provisions of these laws relating to primary elections in this state, apply to any election provided for in this part. All returns of an election shall be made to and canvassed by the board of county commissioners calling the election.
     (3) All nominations of candidates for offices required to be filled at the election shall be made in the manner provided by law for the nomination of candidates by petition.

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