Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 22. Creation of New Counties by Petition

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7-2-2201. Authorization to create new counties.
7-2-2202. Limitations on creation of new counties.
7-2-2203. Repealed.
7-2-2204. Basis for determination of assessed valuation.
7-2-2205. Petition for creation of new county -- number of signatures required.
7-2-2206. Contents of petition -- petition approval procedure -- deadline for filing signatures.
7-2-2207. Affidavits to be attached to petition -- verification of signatures.
7-2-2208. Role of board of county commissioners -- intercounty communication.
7-2-2209. Hearing and notice on petition.
7-2-2210. Repealed.
7-2-2211. Hearing on petition -- protest.
7-2-2212. Exclusions and additions of territory upon petition.
7-2-2213. Resolution of board of county commissioners.
7-2-2214. Repealed.
7-2-2215. Election on question of creating new county -- proclamation and notice.
7-2-2216. Establishment of election precincts.
7-2-2217. Appointment of election officials.
7-2-2218. Form of ballot.
7-2-2219. Conduct of election.
7-2-2220. Cost of election.
7-2-2221. Determination of county seat -- temporary county seat.
7-2-2222. Effect of election -- resolution by county commissioners.
7-2-2223. Procedure to complete creation of county.
7-2-2224. Offices and supplies for new county.
7-2-2225. Officers of new county.
7-2-2226. Term of office for initial officers of new county.
7-2-2227. Qualification, oath of office, and bond.
7-2-2228. Judicial district for new county.
7-2-2229. through 7-2-2240 reserved.
7-2-2241. Commission to determine and adjust indebtedness and assessments for old and new counties.
7-2-2242. Conduct of business by commission.
7-2-2243. Compensation of commission members.
7-2-2244. Role of commission.
7-2-2245. Commission to certify information to county commissioners.
7-2-2246. Settlement between counties following adjustment of indebtedness.
7-2-2247. through 7-2-2250 reserved.
7-2-2251. Collection of delinquent taxes.
7-2-2252. Assessment and collection of taxes for new county.
7-2-2253. Procedure to transfer money to school and road funds.
7-2-2254. Transfer and transcription of records.
7-2-2255. Transfer of court files and actions.
7-2-2256. Publication by posting of notice.