Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-2-2312. Election on question of locating permanent county seat. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), at the first general election after the creation of the county, it shall be the duty of the board of county commissioners and election administrator to have separate official ballots printed and distributed for the use of the electors at said election. The ballots shall be in the form and contain the same matter as the ballots provided for in 7-2-2316, and the provisions of 7-2-2316(4) and 7-2-2318 shall apply to and govern the manner of voting and of canvassing said ballots. The board shall declare the result of such election and the location of the permanent county seat, and said county seat shall be located in the manner and according to the provisions of 7-2-2318.
     (2) (a) At any time within 6 months after the passage of an act creating a new county, a petition or petitions may be filed with the election administrator of such county asking the board to submit the question of the location of the permanent county seat to the electors of the county at a special election to be called and held in the manner provided in this part.
     (b) Said petition or petitions must contain in the aggregate the names of at least 100 qualified electors whose names also appear as registered electors in some registration district established and existing in the territory embraced in the new county at the last general election held therein. The petition or petitions, when filed with the board, must also have certificates attached thereto from the election administrator of the county in which the individual or individuals signing the petition resided before the creation of the new county, certifying that the names of the individuals signing said petition or petitions appear in the registration books of his county containing the names of the electors registered in the last general election in the districts now embraced in the new county.

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