Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 41. General Provisions Related to Municipalities

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7-6-4101. Fiscal year for municipalities.
7-6-4102. Appropriation of money and payment of debts and expenses.
7-6-4103. Annual appropriation -- exception.
7-6-4104. Duties of city treasurer relating to finances -- exception.
7-6-4105. Financial reports and records to be maintained by city treasurer -- exception.
7-6-4106. Publication or posting of annual statement of city receipts and expenditures -- exception.
7-6-4107. Duties of city clerk related to finance -- exception.
7-6-4108. Duties of town clerk related to finance -- exception.
7-6-4109. Financial reports and records to be maintained by town clerk -- exception.
7-6-4110. Publication or posting of annual statement of receipts and expenditures -- exception.
7-6-4111. Annual financial statement -- exception.
7-6-4112. Funds to be balanced -- exception.
7-6-4113. Filing of annual financial statement -- exception.
7-6-4114. through 7-6-4118 reserved.
7-6-4119. Long-short cash account.
7-6-4120. Appropriation of federal or state money by a city or town.
7-6-4121. Authorization to conduct municipal business on a cash basis.
7-6-4122. Manner of making payment for judgments against municipalities.
7-6-4123. Procedure to transfer municipal funds.
7-6-4124. Procedure to close inactive accounts.
7-6-4125. through 7-6-4130 reserved.
7-6-4131. Allocation and appropriation of all-purpose levy -- exception.
7-6-4132. Distribution of all-purpose levy -- exception.
7-6-4133. Deposit of revenues from certain sources in all-purpose fund -- exception.
7-6-4134. Capital improvement program fund.
7-6-4135. Investment of money in capital improvement program fund.