Montana Code Annotated 1999

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     87-1-206. Bounty claims for wild animals. (1) The department of fish, wildlife, and parks shall pay bounty claims for wild animals which have been filed with and approved by the board of livestock. The department shall pay out of the state fish and game funds, other than those funds derived from license fees paid by hunters and fishermen, bounties on predatory wild animals as the bounty claims are presented, not exceeding $7,500 per calendar year.
     (2) The board of livestock shall, after approving the bounty claim, deliver the claim to the department of fish, wildlife, and parks for rejection or approval. If the claim or certificate is rejected, it shall be returned by the department to the board of livestock. If approved, it shall be delivered to the department of administration for allowance or disallowance. Nothing in this section takes from the department of fish, wildlife, and parks the exclusive power to administer the fish and game moneys at its discretion.
     (3) If the department of administration allows the claim, the department shall draw a warrant on the state fish and game money in the state special revenue fund for the amount approved in favor of the claimant, in the order in which the claim is approved.

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