Montana Code Annotated 1999
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Part 2. Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

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87-1-201. Powers and duties.
87-1-202. Posting and publication of orders, rules, and regulations.
87-1-203. Effect of orders, rules, and regulations.
87-1-204. Political activity of employees.
87-1-205. Grievance procedure.
87-1-206. Bounty claims for wild animals.
87-1-207. Establishment of checking stations.
87-1-208. Inspection at checking station.
87-1-209. Acquisition and sale of lands or waters.
87-1-210. Research, training, and other projects.
87-1-211. Repealed.
87-1-212. Terminated.
87-1-213. and reserved.
87-1-215. Repealed.
87-1-216. Wild buffalo or bison as species in need of management -- policy -- department duties.
87-1-217. through reserved.
87-1-221. Acquisition, importation, and propagation of fish and game -- waterfowl food.
87-1-222. Construction and maintenance of fish hatcheries and fish ladders.
87-1-223. Control of state waters for propagation of fish.
87-1-224. Destruction of beaver and beaver dams for protection of public health.
87-1-225. Regulation of wild animals damaging property -- public hunting requirements.
87-1-226. Disposition of meat of animals damaging property.
87-1-227. Hunting rights on adjoining federal wildlife preserve.
87-1-228. Agreement with Indians concerning hunting and fishing -- Indian treaty of 1855.
87-1-229. Entry on private land -- policy.
87-1-230. reserved.
87-1-231. Tattooing of bears, wolves, tigers, mountain lions, or coyotes -- when required -- penalty.
87-1-232. Tattoo records.
87-1-233. Compensation for damage caused by animal held in captivity.
87-1-234. Exceptions to tattoo and compensation requirements.
87-1-235. through reserved.
87-1-241. Acquisition of wildlife habitat -- rules.
87-1-242. Funding for wildlife habitat.
87-1-243. through reserved.
87-1-246. Funding of upland game bird enhancement program.
87-1-247. Authorized use of funds.
87-1-248. Qualification of upland game bird enhancement projects.
87-1-249. Rules.
87-1-250. Report.
87-1-251. through reserved.
87-1-255. Purpose.
87-1-256. Definitions.
87-1-257. River restoration program.
87-1-258. River restoration account.
87-1-259. Funding for river restoration account.
87-1-260. through reserved.
87-1-265. Hunter management and hunting access enhancement programs created -- private landowner assistance to promote public hunting access -- rules.
87-1-266. Hunter management program -- benefits for providing hunting access -- nonresident landowner limitation -- restriction on landowner liability.
87-1-267. Hunting access enhancement program -- benefits for providing hunting access -- cooperative agreement -- factors for determining benefits earned -- restriction on landowner liability.
87-1-268. Variable pricing of outfitter-sponsored Class B-10 and B-11 licenses.
87-1-269. Report required -- review committee.
87-1-270. Allocation of license fee to hunting access enhancement program.
87-1-271. reserved.
87-1-272. Future fisheries improvement program -- funding priority -- reports required.
87-1-273. Future fisheries review panel -- purpose -- appointment and duties.
87-1-274. and reserved.
87-1-276. Purpose.
87-1-277. Shooting range development grants.
87-1-278. Grant criteria.
87-1-279. Program rules.
87-1-280. through reserved.
87-1-283. Bull trout and cutthroat trout enhancement program.