Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Board of Nursing Home Administrators

Duties Of Board

37-9-203. Duties of board. The board shall:

(1) develop, impose, and enforce standards that must be met by individuals in order to receive a license as a nursing home administrator, designed to ensure that nursing home administrators are individuals of good character and otherwise suitable and, by education, training, or experience in the field of institutional administration, are qualified to serve as nursing home administrators;

(2) develop and apply appropriate techniques, including examination and investigation, for determining whether individuals meet the standards;

(3) authorize the department to issue licenses to individuals determined to meet the standards;

(4) establish and implement procedures designed to ensure that individuals licensed as nursing home administrators will, during the period that they serve, comply with the requirements of the standards; and

(5) conduct a continuing study and investigation of nursing home administrators within the state with a view to the improvement of the standards imposed for the licensing of administrators and of procedures and methods for the enforcement of the standards with respect to nursing home administrators.

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