Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 1. General


37-28-102. Definitions. As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Board" means the board of respiratory care practitioners established in 2-15-1750.

(2) "Qualified medical direction" means the direction of:

(a) a medical director of an inpatient or outpatient respiratory care service, a respiratory care department, or a home-care agency; or

(b) a licensed physician with a special interest and knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory problems.

(3) (a) "Respiratory care" means the care provided by a member of the allied health profession responsible for the treatment, management, diagnostic testing, and control of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities associated with the cardiopulmonary system. The term includes but is not limited to:

(i) administration of pharmacological, diagnostic, and therapeutic agents related to respiratory care procedures that are necessary to implement a treatment, disease prevention, pulmonary rehabilitative, or diagnostic regimen prescribed by a physician;

(ii) transcription and implementation of the written or verbal orders of a physician regarding the practice of respiratory care;

(iii) observation and monitoring of a patient's signs and symptoms, general behavior, and physical response to respiratory care treatment and diagnostic testing, including determination of abnormal characteristics;

(iv) implementation of respiratory care protocols pursuant to a prescription by a physician; and

(v) initiation of emergency procedures prescribed by board rules.

(b) Respiratory care is not limited to a hospital setting but must be performed pursuant to a physician's order and under qualified medical direction. The term includes inhalation and respiratory therapy.

(4) "Respiratory care practitioner" means a person who has the knowledge and skill necessary to administer respiratory care and who is licensed under the provisions of part 2 of this chapter.

(5) "Student respiratory care practitioner" means a person:

(a) enrolled in a respiratory care educational program recognized by the joint review committee for respiratory therapy education and the American medical association's committee on allied health education and accreditation, or their successors;

(b) permitted to provide respiratory care under clinical supervision; and

(c) identified as a student respiratory care practitioner or "SRCP".

History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 532, L. 1991.