Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 3. Licensing

Transactions With Nonresidents And With Nonlicensed Brokers, Salespersons, Or Property Managers -- Consent To Legal Process

37-51-306. Transactions with nonresidents and with nonlicensed brokers, salespersons, or property managers -- consent to legal process. (1) A licensed broker may not employ or compensate, directly or indirectly, a person for performing the acts regulated by this chapter who is not a licensed broker, a licensed salesperson, or a licensed property manager. However, a licensed broker may pay a commission to a licensed broker of another state or jurisdiction if the nonresident broker has not conducted and does not conduct in this state a service for which a fee, compensation, or commission is paid.

(2) A nonresident licensee shall file an irrevocable written consent that legal actions arising out of a commenced or completed transaction may be commenced against the nonresident licensee in a county of this state that may be appropriate and designated by Title 25, chapter 2, part 1. The consent must provide that service of summons in this action may be served on the department for and on behalf of the nonresident licensee, and this service is sufficient to give the court jurisdiction over the licensee conducting a transaction in a county. The consent must be acknowledged and, if made by a corporation, must be authenticated by its seal.

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