Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 3. Licensing

Application Fee -- License Fee

37-68-311. Application fee -- license fee. (1) Master electricians and journeyman or residential electricians installing or intending to install for hire electric wiring or equipment to convey electric current or apparatus to be operated by electric current shall apply for a license to the department. The application must be on a form furnished by the department and must be accompanied by an application fee set by the board. The forms must state the applicant's full name and address, the extent of work experience, and other information required by the board. If the applicant has complied with the rules adopted by the board and, being qualified, has successfully completed the examination, the department shall issue the proper license to the applicant.

(2) In addition to the temporary permits authorized in 37-1-305, the board may, in accordance with criteria determined by the board, issue a second temporary practice permit for a person who fails the first license examination and who submits a temporary practice permit fee with a request for a second temporary practice permit to the board stating that the person intends to retake the license examination within 3 months of failing the first examination.

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