Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 3. Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Fiscal Analyst's Duties

5-12-302. Fiscal analyst's duties. The legislative fiscal analyst shall:

(1) provide for fiscal analysis of state government and accumulate, compile, analyze, and furnish information bearing upon the financial matters of the state that is relevant to issues of policy and questions of statewide importance, including but not limited to investigation and study of the possibilities of effecting economy and efficiency in state government;

(2) estimate revenue from existing and proposed taxes;

(3) analyze the executive budget and budget requests of selected state agencies and institutions, including proposals for the construction of capital improvements;

(4) make the reports and recommendations that the legislative fiscal analyst considers desirable to the legislature and make reports and recommendations as requested by the legislative finance committee and the legislature;

(5) assist committees of the legislature and individual legislators in compiling and analyzing financial information;

(6) assist the revenue interim committee in performing its revenue estimating duties; and

(7) review all reports submitted to the legislative fiscal analyst and notify the legislative finance committee of any concerns the fiscal analyst identifies in a report.

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