Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 44. Municipal Housing Authorities

Powers Of Housing Authority Relating To Acquisition And Disposition Of Property

7-15-4460. Powers of housing authority relating to acquisition and disposition of property. (1) An authority may:

(a) purchase, lease, obtain options upon, or acquire by gift, grant, bequest, devise, or otherwise any real or personal property or any interest in property from any person, firm, corporation, city, municipality, or government;

(b) acquire by eminent domain, as provided in Title 70, chapter 30, any real property, including improvements and fixtures on the real property;

(c) sell, exchange, transfer, assign, or pledge any real or personal property or any interest in property to any person, firm, corporation, municipality, city, or government;

(d) own, hold, clear, and improve property;

(e) insure or provide for the insurance of the property or operations of the authority against risks that the authority considers advisable;

(f) procure insurance or guarantees from the federal government of the payment of any debts or parts of debt secured by mortgages made or held by the authority on any property included in a housing project.

(2) Statutes with respect to the acquisition, operation, or disposition of property by other public bodies are not applicable to an authority unless the legislature specifically declares that the provisions are applicable.

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