Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 26. Collection and Administration

Furnishing Copy Of Federal Return -- Copy Of Share Of Income, Credit, And Deductions Schedule -- Copies Of Federal Corrections -- Filing Amended Return Required

15-30-2619. Furnishing copy of federal return -- copy of share of income, credit, and deductions schedule -- copies of federal corrections -- filing amended return required. Each taxpayer shall, upon request of the department, furnish a copy of the return for the corresponding year that the taxpayer has filed or may file with the federal government, showing the taxpayer's net income and how obtained and the several sources from which derived. If the amount of a taxpayer's taxable income is changed or corrected by the United States internal revenue service or other competent authority, the taxpayer shall file an amended Montana return with the department within 90 days after receiving notice of the change or correction. If a taxpayer files an amended federal income tax return changing or correcting the taxpayer's federal taxable income for a tax year, the taxpayer shall also file an amended Montana return with the department within 90 days after filing an amended federal income tax return. The department shall supply all necessary forms and shall, upon the request of the taxpayer, return all forms to the taxpayer after they have been examined by the department.

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