Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 31. Tax Credit for Qualified Education Contributions

Reporting Requirements For Student Scholarship Organizations

15-30-3105. (Temporary) Reporting requirements for student scholarship organizations. (1) Each student scholarship organization shall:

(a) submit a notice to the department of its intent to operate as a student scholarship organization prior to accepting donations;

(b) complete an annual fiscal review of its accounts by an independent certified public accountant within 120 days after the close of the calendar year that discloses for each of the 3 most recently completed calendar years:

(i) the total number and dollar value of individual and corporate contributions;

(ii) the total number and dollar value of scholarships obligated to eligible students;

(iii) the total number and dollar value of scholarships awarded to eligible students; and

(iv) the cost of the annual fiscal review;

(c) submit the annual fiscal review report to the department within 150 days of the close of the calendar year.

(2) The department shall provide written notice to a student scholarship organization that fails to submit the annual fiscal review report, and the organization has 30 days from receipt of the notice to submit the report.

(3) An organization that fails to satisfy the conditions of this section is subject to termination as provided in 15-30-3113. (Terminates December 31, 2023--sec. 33, Ch. 457, L. 2015.)

History: En. Sec. 11, Ch. 457, L. 2015.