Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 4. Administration

Employment Of Actuary -- Annual Investigation And Valuation

19-2-405. Employment of actuary -- annual investigation and valuation. (1) The board shall retain a competent actuary who is an enrolled member of the American academy of actuaries and who is familiar with public systems of pensions. The actuary is the technical adviser of the board on matters regarding the operation of the retirement systems.

(2) The board shall require the actuary to make and report on an annual actuarial investigation into the suitability of the actuarial tables used by the retirement systems and an actuarial valuation of the assets and liabilities of each defined benefit plan that is a part of the retirement systems.

(3) The normal cost contribution rate, which is funded by required employee contributions and a portion of the required employer contributions to each defined benefit retirement plan, must be calculated as the level percentage of members' salaries that will actuarially fund benefits payable under a retirement plan as those benefits accrue in the future.

(4) (a) The unfunded liability contribution rate, which is entirely funded by a portion of the required employer contributions to the retirement plan, must be calculated as the level percentage of current and future defined benefit plan members' salaries that will amortize the unfunded actuarial liabilities of the retirement plan over a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 30 years, as determined by the board.

(b) In determining the amortization period under subsection (4)(a) for the public employees' retirement system's defined benefit plan, the actuary shall take into account the plan choice rate contributions to be made to the defined benefit plan pursuant to 19-3-2117 and 19-21-214.

(5) The board shall require the actuary to conduct and report on a periodic actuarial investigation into the actuarial experience of the retirement systems and plans.

(6) The board may require the actuary to conduct any valuation necessary to administer the retirement systems and the plans subject to this chapter.

(7) The board shall provide copies of the reports required pursuant to subsections (2) and (5) to the state administration and veterans' affairs interim committee and to the legislature pursuant to 5-11-210.

(8) The board shall require the actuary to prepare for each employer participating in a retirement system the disclosures or the information required to be included in the disclosures as required by law and by the governmental accounting standards board or its generally recognized successor.

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