Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 2. University Units

Bureau Of Mines And Geology -- Purpose

20-25-212. Bureau of mines and geology -- purpose. The bureau of mines and geology shall:

(1) compile and publish statistics relative to Montana geology, mining, milling, and metallurgy;

(2) collect:

(a) typical geological and mineral specimens;

(b) samples of products;

(c) photographs, models, and drawings of appliances used in the mines, mills, and smelters of Montana; and

(d) a library and a bibliography of literature relative to the progress of geology, mining, milling, and smelting in Montana;

(3) study the geological formations of Montana, with special reference to their economic mineral resources and ground water;

(4) examine the topography and physical features of Montana relative to their bearing upon the occupation of the people;

(5) study the mining, milling, and smelting in Montana relative to their improvement;

(6) publish bulletins and reports of a general and detailed description of the natural resources, geology, mines, mills, and reduction plants of Montana;

(7) make qualitative examinations of rocks and mineral samples;

(8) consider scientific and economic problems that the regents consider valuable to the people of Montana;

(9) communicate special information on Montana geology, mining, and metallurgy;

(10) cooperate with:

(a) departments of the university system;

(b) the state mine inspector;

(c) departments of the state;

(d) the United States geological survey; and

(e) the United States bureau of mines;

(11) make examinations of state land regarding its geology and mineral value at the request of the department of natural resources and conservation and make investments. These services are limited to the time available for the services after all other duties of the bureau of mines and geology are served. Written reports must be made. Travel expenses incurred by the examiner must be paid, as provided for in 2-18-501 through 2-18-503, by the agency requesting the examination upon the presentation of claims in the ordinary form.

(12) deposit all material collected in the state museums or at Montana technological university after completed use by the bureau of mines and geology;

(13) distribute duplicates of representative material to the units of the university system to their best educational advantage; and

(14) print the regular and special reports with illustrations and maps and distribute them on direction of the board of regents.

History: En. 75-8408 by Sec. 8, Ch. 2, L. 1971; amd. Sec. 17, Ch. 453, L. 1977; R.C.M. 1947, 75-8408; amd. Sec. 36, Ch. 308, L. 1995; amd. Sec. 51, Ch. 418, L. 1995; amd. Sec. 20, Ch. 3, L. 2019.