Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 2. University Units

Assents To Acts Of Congress

20-25-226. Assents to acts of congress. (1) (a) The state of Montana assents to the provisions of an act of congress entitled "An Act to Provide for an Increased Annual Appropriation for Agricultural Experiment Stations and Regulating the Expenditure Thereof", approved March 16, 1906, and consents to receive the benefits of the act in the manner and for the purposes intended and provided in the act.

(b) The agricultural experiment station must be the beneficiary of the funds in the act and shall use the funds only for the purposes provided in the act.

(c) The treasurer of Montana state university-Bozeman may receive all money appropriated by the act, to be expended under the supervision of the regents in the manner designated in the act, and must receive and shall hold and account for the funds and make reports to the secretary of agriculture as required by the act.

(2) (a) The state accepts and assents to the terms and provisions of the act of congress approved May 8, 1914, entitled "An Act to Provide for Cooperative Agricultural Extension Work Between the Agricultural Colleges in the Several States Receiving the Benefits of an Act of Congress Approved July Second, Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-two, and of Acts Supplementary Thereto, and the United States Department of Agriculture".

(b) The president of Montana state university-Bozeman may enter into all necessary agreements with the secretary of agriculture of the United States for the receipt and expenditure of all money paid under the provisions of the act.

(c) The president may receive and expend the money in accordance with the provisions of the act and any agreements made pursuant to the act.

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