Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 2. University Units

Purpose Of Station

20-25-242. Purpose of station. (1) It is the purpose of the Montana forest and conservation experiment station to:

(a) study the forest and forest land resources of the state to the end that the state and its citizens may attain the highest economic and social benefits from the forest soils within the state and the influences and products flowing from forests;

(b) study the growth and the utilization of timber with special reference to their improvement and the widening of the markets available to the state;

(c) determine:

(i) the relationship between the forest and water conservation and waterflow regulation;

(ii) the relationship between the forest and pasturage for domestic livestock and wildlife;

(iii) the relationship between the forest and recreation; and

(iv) those other direct and indirect benefits that may be secured by the maintenance of or the establishment of forests or woodlands;

(d) study and develop the establishment of windbreaks, shelterbelts, and woodlots on the farms of the state that moisture may be conserved by windbreaks, shelterbelts, and woodlots for the best production of agricultural crops and forage, for the prevention of soil wastage and erosion, to make the farm home more comfortable, and to produce forest material for the use of the farmer and the livestock producer;

(e) study the findings of other agencies so that the information may be used to improve the growth, management, and utilization of the timber within the state and to protect it against damage by fire, insects, disease, and other harmful agencies;

(f) collect, compile, and publish statistics relative to Montana forests and forestry and the influences flowing from forests and forestry;

(g) prepare and publish bulletins and reports, along with the necessary illustrations and maps, so that the information collected by the station in forestry and in conservation may be made available for use and distribute this information or material in other ways that the board of regents may direct;

(h) collect a library and bibliography of literature pertaining to or useful for the purpose of 20-25-241 through 20-25-245;

(i) study logging, lumbering, and milling operations and other operations dealing with the products of forest soils with special reference to their improvement;

(j) investigate and make tests of forest products produced or that may be produced within the state so that markets may be improved;

(k) consider other scientific and economic problems that, in the judgment of the board of regents, are of value to the people of the state;

(l) cooperate with the other departments of the university of Montana-Missoula, with the departments of the state government when mutually beneficial, and with private individuals and agencies and cooperate with the United States government and its branches as a land-grant institution or otherwise in accordance with their regulations; and

(m) establish field experiment stations that, in the judgment of the board of regents, may be necessary.

(2) The board of regents may accept, for and in behalf of the state of Montana, gifts of land or other donations that may be made to the state for the purposes of 20-25-241 through 20-25-245.

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