Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 3. Administration of University System

Revenue-Producing Facilities -- Powers Of Regents

20-25-302. Revenue-producing facilities -- powers of regents. The regents of the Montana university system may:

(1) purchase, construct, equip, or improve, at any unit of the Montana university system, any of the following types of revenue-producing facilities:

(a) land;

(b) residence halls, dormitories, houses, apartments, and other housing facilities;

(c) dining rooms and halls, restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service facilities;

(d) student union buildings and facilities; and

(e) those other facilities specifically authorized by joint resolution of the legislature;

(2) rent housing facilities and provide food and other services to the students, officers, guests, and employees of the unit at rates that will ensure a reasonable net income over operating expenses and will provide for debt service and reserves and provide for the collection of charges, admissions, and fees for the use of other facilities by students and other persons. The charges, admissions, and fees are not considered tuition within the meaning of 20-25-421 and may be collected from any or all students.

(3) hold the net income derived from the operation of the facilities and the charges, admissions, and fees collected and devote the revenue from these sources to debt service and reserves, repairs, replacements, and betterments of the facilities or, so far as the revenue has not been previously obligated for these purposes, to the acquisition, erection, equipping, enlarging, or improvement of additional facilities of the types described in this section;

(4) exercise full control and complete management of the facilities;

(5) rent the facilities to other public or private persons, firms, and corporations for uses, at times, for periods, and at rates as in the regents' judgment will be consistent with the full use of the facilities for academic purposes and will add to the revenue available for capital costs and debt service;

(6) do all things necessary to plan for and propose financing, including all necessary loan applications, for:

(a) classroom, laboratory, library, bookstore, and other instructional facilities;

(b) office, recordkeeping, storage, equipment maintenance, and other administrative and operational facilities;

(c) stadiums, fieldhouses, armories, arenas, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and other facilities for athletic and military instruction, exhibitions, games, and contests;

(d) auditoriums, theaters, music halls, and other assembly, theatrical, musical, and entertainment facilities;

(e) hospital, nursing, and other health instruction and service facilities;

(f) nurseries, barns, arenas, pavilions, and other facilities for agricultural and livestock breeding, development, and exhibition;

(g) parking lots and ramps and other parking facilities; and

(h) land needed for the facilities.

History: En. 75-8503 by Sec. 32, Ch. 2, L. 1971; R.C.M. 1947, 75-8503; amd. Sec. 74, Ch. 370, L. 1987; amd. sec. 36, Ch. 308, L. 1995; amd. Sec. 5, Ch. 243, L. 1997.