Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 3. Administration of University System

Exemption From State Construction And Contract Laws For Certain University Projects

20-25-309. Exemption from state construction and contract laws for certain university projects. (1) The board of regents may lease land or land and facilities to a private nonprofit foundation organized to solicit, manage, and administer nonstate funds, gifts, grants, donations, in-kind contributions, and revenue on behalf of a unit of the Montana university system for the purpose of constructing or renovating athletic facilities. The terms, guaranties, and agreements relating to a facility subject to this subsection must be negotiated in the best interests of the state and must include guarantees that a commitment of state appropriations for design, construction, operations, or maintenance is not expressed or implied. The terms, guaranties, and agreements are subject to review and approval by the board of regents. After approval, the board of regents shall submit a report to the budget director certifying that the conditions of this subsection have been satisfied.

(2) The design and construction of projects pursuant to subsection (1) are not subject to the requirements of Title 18, chapters 2 and 8, except that:

(a) the department of administration shall execute the provisions of 18-2-103(1)(a) and (1)(e); and

(b) the provisions of Title 18, chapter 2, part 4, apply to all labor other than donated labor.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 419, L. 2007.