Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 3. Administration of University System

Motor Vehicle Regulation -- Enforcement Of Regulations -- Appeals

20-25-312. Motor vehicle regulation -- enforcement of regulations -- appeals. (1) The regents may authorize the president of each unit to:

(a) assess fees for parking on campus subject to the approval of the regents after the regents' consultation with the respective student governing body of the unit;

(b) assess fines in accordance with a published schedule approved by the regents for violations of motor vehicle or parking regulations of each unit;

(c) order the removal of vehicles parked in violation of motor vehicle regulations of each unit at the expense of the violator;

(d) establish a system of appeals at each unit concerning parking violations;

(e) withhold the amount of any unpaid parking fine from any amount owing any student, employee, or faculty member, subject to the provisions of 17-4-105;

(f) prohibit a student from registering if the student has unpaid parking assessments or fines outstanding resulting from on-campus motor vehicle or parking violations within the previous year.

(2) The proceeds from fines and fees collected must be remitted to the unit at which collections are made and must be used for appropriate maintenance and construction of parking facilities and for traffic control.

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