Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 8. Medical Education Agreements

Idaho College Of Osteopathic Medicine Cooperative Medical Education Program

20-25-811. Idaho college of osteopathic medicine cooperative medical education program. (1) The legislature directs the office of the commissioner of higher education to negotiate the terms of a memorandum of understanding between the board of regents and the Idaho college of osteopathic medicine that establishes a cooperative medical education program for Montana residents at the college. The memorandum must be submitted to the legislature for approval prior to becoming effective.

(2) Terms for the memorandum of understanding must include:

(a) that the memorandum is not effective until the Idaho college of osteopathic medicine is fully accredited;

(b) that if the college is accredited by July 1, 2022, the program will make up to 10 slots available for Montana residents that fiscal year, with an additional maximum of 10 slots available each additional fiscal year until the program has a total of up to 40 slots for Montana residents;

(c) that students participating in the program are subject to the requirements of 20-25-810; and

(d) that the Montana university system will pay a state support fee equivalent to the established western interstate commission for higher education osteopathic medicine support fee per slot per year.

(3) The preliminary budget submitted by the board of regents pursuant to 17-7-111 must include funding for all available slots authorized under the program starting in fiscal year 2022.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 418, L. 2019.