Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 3. Ambulance Service Licensing


50-6-313. Inspections. (1) The department shall make necessary investigations and inspections for enforcement of this part.

(2) The department shall make regular inspections as the rules of the department may direct and special inspections that it considers necessary.

(3) The department has free access at all reasonable hours to the place of business of any person operating an emergency medical service in order to make necessary inspections. These inspections may include the inspection of any equipment or records pertaining to the activities of the emergency medical service.

(4) A person may not refuse entry or access to an authorized representative of the department who presents appropriate credentials and requests entry for the purpose of conducting an inspection necessitated under this section. A person may not obstruct, hamper, or interfere with an inspection that is properly conducted pursuant to this section.

(5) Upon request, the owner or operator of an emergency medical service must receive a report stating all facts that relate to the owner's or operator's compliance with the provisions of this part as determined by the department, based upon its inspection.

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