Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Notice and Opportunity to Be Heard

Public Participation -- Governor To Ensure Guidelines Adopted -- Procedures For Publishing Notice

2-3-103. Public participation -- governor to ensure guidelines adopted -- procedures for publishing notice. (1) (a) Each agency shall develop procedures for permitting and encouraging the public to participate in agency decisions that are of significant interest to the public. The procedures must ensure adequate notice and assist public participation before a final agency action is taken that is of significant interest to the public.

(b) The agency shall publish an agenda for a meeting, as defined in 2-3-202, as follows:

(i) if a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the agency is located publishes electronic notices and links to meeting agendas free of charge to the agency on the newspaper's website, the agency shall provide the notice and agenda to the newspaper to post on the newspaper's website;

(ii) if the agency does not have an option to post notices and links to meeting agendas free of charge, the agency shall provide adequate notice of a meeting by doing at least one of the following:

(A) posting a link to the meeting agenda on the agency's primary website; or

(B) posting the agenda on the social media site of the agency.

(c) The agenda must include an item allowing public comment on any public matter that is not on the agenda of the meeting and that is within the jurisdiction of the agency conducting the meeting. However, the agency may not take action on any matter discussed unless specific notice of that matter is included on an agenda and public comment has been allowed on that matter.

(d) Public comment received at a meeting must be incorporated into the official minutes of the meeting, as provided in 2-3-212.

(e) For purposes of this section, "public matter" does not include contested case and other adjudicative proceedings.

(2) The governor shall ensure that each board, bureau, commission, department, authority, agency, or officer of the executive branch of the state adopts coordinated rules for its programs. The guidelines must provide policies and procedures to facilitate public participation in those programs, consistent with subsection (1). These guidelines must be adopted as rules and published in a manner so that the rules may be provided to a member of the public upon request.

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