Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Organizational and Procedural Rules

Model Rules

2-4-202. Model rules. (1) The secretary of state shall prepare a model form for a rule describing the organization of agencies and model rules of practice for agencies to use as a guide for the rulemaking process and in fulfilling the requirements of 2-4-201. The attorney general shall prepare model rules of practice for agencies to use as a guide for contested case hearings and declaratory rulings. The secretary of state and attorney general shall add to, amend, or revise the model rules from time to time as necessary for the proper guidance of agencies.

(2) The model rules and additions, amendments, or revisions to the model rules must be appropriate for the use of as many agencies as is practicable and must be filed with the secretary of state and provided to any agency upon request. The adoption by an agency of all or part of the model rules does not relieve the agency from following the rulemaking procedures required by this chapter.

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