Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Audits of Political Subdivisions

Access To Public Accounts -- Suspension Of Officer In Case Of Discrepancy

2-7-511. Access to public accounts -- suspension of officer in case of discrepancy. (1) The independent auditor may count the cash, verify the bank accounts, and verify all accounts of a public officer whose accounts the independent auditor is examining under law.

(2) If an officer of any county, city, town, school, or other local government entity refuses to provide the independent auditor access during an audit of the officer's accounts to cash, bank accounts, or any of the papers, vouchers, or records of that office or if the independent auditor finds a shortage of cash, the independent auditor shall immediately file a preliminary report showing the refusal of that officer or the existence of the shortage and the approximate amount of the shortage with the respective county, city, or town attorney and the governing body of the local government entity.

(3) Upon filing of the statement, the officer of the local government entity shall after notice and the opportunity for a hearing be suspended from the duties and emoluments of office and the governing body of the local government entity shall appoint a qualified person to the office pending completion of the audit.

(4) Upon the completion of the audit by the independent auditor, if a shortage of cash existed in the accounts of the officer, the independent auditor shall notify the governing body of the local government entity of the shortage.

(5) If the governing body finds that a shortage exists and that the officer suspended is, by act or omission, responsible for the shortage, the officer's right to the office is forfeited and the report of the audit must be referred to the county attorney.

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