Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Audits of Political Subdivisions

Report Review

2-7-522. Report review. (1) The department shall determine whether the provisions of this part have been complied with by the independent auditor.

(2) Upon receipt of the audit report from the local government entity the department shall review the report. If the department determines the reporting requirements have not been met, the department shall notify the local government entity and the independent auditor submitting the report of the significant issues of noncompliance. The notification must include issuance of a statement of deficiencies by the department. The department shall allow the independent auditor 60 days to correct the identified deficiencies.

(3) If the corrections are not made within 60 days of the department's notice, the department shall notify the local government entity that the report has not been received. Failure to submit a report shall result in the withholding of payment of the audit fee pending resolution of the identified deficiencies or receipt of a corrected report.

(4) Upon review of the report, if the department determines the independent auditor has issued a report that fails to meet the auditing standards referred to in 2-7-513 or contains false or misleading information, the department shall notify the board.

(5) The department shall review the audit report findings and the response of the governing body or executive or managing officer of the local government entity submitted under 2-7-515. When the findings concern financial assistance, the department shall notify the state agency that is responsible for disbursing the state or federal funding.

(6) The department must have access in its office to the working papers of the independent auditor.

History: En. Sec. 18, Ch. 489, L. 1991.